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The Healers are Rising

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

And so it begins. The reflections of my heart over many years are now on the public page.

A few years ago, I was talking with a new friend about the ways the world is shifting and changing. I listened to what he was sharing – grateful to hear affirmation of many things I was also sensing and learning. I listened, and I also shared as the conversation vibrated with understanding and encouragement. I shared about the ways I had been led to follow an unexpected path of awakening and healing — much like my new friend had, much like many others have also done. I could feel the collective nature of all the individual work welling up and overflowing into our world.

And then as a kind of conclusion, I said, “The healers are rising”. The words just flowed from my mouth. He paused and I paused, and we let that truth sink in. And he said, “The healers are rising. I like that.” There was a stillness surrounding those words, and I recognized that I deeply identified with them. I pondered for a moment, filed it away and thought I would use that phrase for a title somewhere, someday.

Maybe a year later, I was in a similar conversation with an open-hearted friend. As we shared about our paths and the ways we were seeing society become more needful of our gifts, those same words spontaneously released from me, “The healers are rising.” There was the same effect on both of us. A stillness. A pause. And then she said too, “Yes, the healers are rising. I like that.”

And then I knew that I was meant to do something with it, with those words, with that concept.

For several years, I’ve been in a period of deep excavation. It’s been painful, but it has also been purifying. I haven't been alone. The Spirit of Truth and Love has been with me. And the knowing that others are also doing this deep work has been with me. God is doing something marvelous in our time. God is showing us the necessity of and the deep grace within the healing journey. It is a process of being transformed and not conformed. It’s a courageous path that is often hidden and private.

In these deep-listening times, I am coming to terms with my gifts and callings and bringing them to the light. The things that have been pushed down over the years are allowed to rise. And I admit to myself that I have seen spirits and angels since I was a little girl — often in times of great peril. When I saw them, they were reassurances that I was being watched over.

I have also been visited by spirits with messages for loved ones on the earth. These words have provided reassurance and healing for the recipients.

In recent years, I have followed Divine prompting and attended training in psychic and mediumship development. I also began giving readings free of charge to practice and hone my skills. I continue to seek training to further develop my gifts and to follow the purpose for which I have been given life on this earth.

By nature and also because of certain formative experiences, I am a private person. Therefore, I also highly value the privacy of others. This makes me a trusted advisor. But sharing these intuitive gifts in a public-facing way is very uncomfortable. Creating this site and this blog is uncomfortably vulnerable for me. But it’s what I am meant to do. It's part of my healing journey.

We are all on a healing journey. We are all healing from something. Some healing journeys are obvious and some healers are well-known. But there are also healers in this world of a different type — often on the fringe, in the quiet, in the unacknowledged yet important places in this world. Maybe introverted, maybe raising children, maybe caring for elderly loved ones, maybe quietly observing. Serving in any number of ways with integrity.

Over the years, I have met many healers who might not name themselves as such, but how they operate in the world has a healing and empowering effect. Anyone who is listening to Spirit guidance to release the bondage of their past and to be a positive presence in the world is a healer.

And we are being nudged to rise. To share our healing journey. To open up and shine the light on the ways we’ve been led by God, by the Spirit, to unearth and tend to the wounds of our past and the patterns of our present. To share that we have had to learn compassion and gentleness for ourselves and unlearn an inner dialogue of shame and judgement. And to own that we have been given gifts — even in our deepest sorrows and challenges.

This is what I am being prompted to do as an Intuitive and a Medium, even as I know not everyone will understand. But I remember what Jesus said, “the Spirit will teach you all things.” This is how following God and living the life of Christ look in my life. This is what trust and surrender look like in my life. This is the unique path I have been given, and I embrace it. Because this much we know: God always uses the unexpected.

My friends, wherever you are, whatever your community or background, you’ve quietly learned many things from the Spirit. And these are the things that change the world, as our God-given wisdom, words and actions ripple out into the unseen and begin to affect the unnatural systems around us.

And that is why I tell you, the healers are rising and are transforming the age we live in. The healers are rising. And you are one of them.

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