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November Blooms in my Garden

And I do believe that you and I are blooming too

Although some of us are looking out windows at a wintery landscape, I believe many of us are in the midst of a winter’s bloom. Just skimming the headlines, we see record numbers of people changing jobs, moving to new states and readjusting in all manner of ways. Among my friends, I know that many of us are in this reevaluating space in the past year and a half. We are becoming more aware of the mindsets, settings and relational habits that we need to let go of in order to move into new and healthier phases.

Last week after looking for employment for the past few years, I received a job offer! The interview on Monday had been warm and welcoming, and there was a sense of camaraderie in the room. I presented my experience well and enjoyed the interaction with the team.

In Wednesday’s offer phone call, the manager had kind things to say about the team's impressions and how I was a great fit for the organization. It was an affirming interaction after the often-demoralizing work of finding a job. It felt good!

But I turned the job down. I turned down a job that was in my field of experience and for which I was highly qualified.

Here it is: I had already set a standard that I couldn't work regularly on weekends – for myself and for my family. What was required with this job was working weekends – often.

I also turned it down, because I've known in my heart that I am meant to create my own thing, to bloom in my own professional path. It's time for me to stop scattering myself and put my full heart and intention toward intuitive insights and writing. I've prayed over all of this and asked others to pray. And I have a conviction that I must leave behind my reliance on an organizational setting to do my work. And I must trust that I can co-create with the Spirit doing what I'm gifted to do.

I began sharing blogposts from my website on Facebook last spring. Since then, I have decided to share my writing differently – directly to the Inbox of each interested friend – instead of on social media. I can’t say I will never share a blog link to Facebook, but it’s not where I am being called to focus my professional energy. If you have been encouraged by my writing in the past and are open to a wide range of viewpoints, please subscribe to my newsletter The Healers are Rising below. (It's quick, as I only ask for name and email.)

As I move forward on this path, I wonder how my work and community will take shape, and that’s an uncomfortably vulnerable position for me. And I sense that some of you are in a similar place – facing many unknowns as you step out in bold, new directions. But I do know that you and I have "not been given a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” And because of that trust, as the roses bloom in November, I do believe that you and I are blooming too.

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