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About Jennifer

Welcome, Friend. I'm thankful our paths have crossed. Here I share a bit about my background as an Intuitive.


For as long as I can remember, I have had a trusting awareness of the spiritual world. It started when I was very young. I suddenly saw a reassuring angelic presence when I was in a frightening and perilous situation. I knew it was there to spare me and protect me. After that experience and throughout the years, I was very open to spiritual things and came to know a loving God. As I grew, I also had a distinct sense of the emotions and sufferings of others. In fact, before I ever knew what an Empath or an Intuitive was, I remember saying “Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel life so deeply.” The pain, sorrows and confusion of others sometimes felt overwhelming. 


But I have learned, as I’ve sought guidance from the Spirit, that these senses are gifts. And I have been guided again and again to this place, to this work – connecting with others on a spiritual level. Coming alongside truth-seekers in their healing journeys to share personalized messages of love and guidance from the heavenly realm.

My educational and career path was rooted in communication and understanding. I hold a BA in International Studies and German from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. For several years and in several states, I stayed home to raise our four children. When I was in the public workspace, my roles involved building bridges of understanding between individuals and groups. The same has been true in my family, faith and community life – connecting people with each other and with God. My current line of work is a deepening of that interest – an integration into an encouraging and healing ministry.

Part of my own healing journey is trusting this Guidance from the Spirit and taking these steps forward. Sharing that I’m an Empath – I feel others’ energies and emotions. Revealing that I’m an Intuitive – someone who senses things without prior knowledge. Naming that I am a Guide – through meditation and prayer, I channel loving, personal, healing messages from the heavenly realm where our departed loved ones dwell with Jesus, angels and guides. Not far from us, but very near. Always available to each one of us. This is what I can do and must do, according to the Guidance I have been given.

I am here to serve as one of many who are being healed and helping others to heal. There is no end to the grace surrounding us in this process. I would be honored to come alongside you in your healing journey to discover how the Spirit is guiding you and to encourage you on your own courageous path. Because I believe the healers are rising, and you are one of them.

In Service to the Light,




Ability to see and sense spirits since I was a child.

Earned my BA in International Studies and German from the University of Minnesota, Duluth

Worked in the communications field, lived in Europe and in several states.

Attended intuitive development workshops to hone my gifts.

Thankful to be married 26 years and to be a mother of four children.

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